Wild Goose Pentecost Bundle

Wild Goose Pentecost Bundle

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PENTECOST SPECIAL: Enjoy The Wild Goose series and share the experience with your family, friends or small group. In this bundle, get The Wild Goose DVD set PLUS 5 journals— only available for a limited time. Unleash the Holy Spirit in your life!

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List of Sessions
1. God’s Love Poured Out
2. Breath of God
3. Baptism in the Holy Spirit
4. The Spirit and Our Lady
5. Gifts of the Holy Spirit
6. The Spirit and the Eucharist
7. The Spirit of Adoption
8. The Spirit of the Sacraments
9. Fruits of the Holy Spirit
10. The Spirit and the Desert
11. The Spirit Convicts
12. The Spirit’s freedom
13. The Spirit Gives Witness
14. The Spirit Remembers

Each segment is about 30 minutes long and is available with either English or Spanish subtitles. Additional resources are available at TheWildGooseIsLoose.com